Los Angeles County GOP
revoked the Charter of Arthur Schaper's
Beach Cities Republican Club

Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper

"Schaper is so abrasive that the local Republican Party has disavowed him." ~LA Times.

"(The) Republican Party of Los Angeles County attempted to work with the Beach Cities Republican Club to resolve this situation," the statement reads in part.
"Specifically, BCR President Arthur Schaper was given a list of steps the club could have taken to come back into compliance with RPLAC, however those steps were declined by Mr. Schaper. Instead, the leadership of BCR continued to attack RPLAC and its members."

"Schaper was elected to a second term as the group's president in the fall - which caused the L.A. County GOP to revoke its charter."

"Complaints about his activities from elected officials and everyday citizens reflect badly on the Republican Party," the party said.

'Schaper's style - which includes showing up to Maxine Waters' office with a sign reading, "Maxine Waters Go to Hell" - caused the Republican Party of Los Angeles County to pull the charter from the Beach Cities Republicans club of which he is president."

"He doesn't currently attend a church, saying "compromising liberalism" is causing churches to shy away from the Bible."

"Schaper, who complains of "welfare for illegals," collected unemployment."

"Schaper obviously isn't a scholar or a mature adult..." OC Weekly

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